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Information about this property

In the best area of “Financial center of Budapest”, close to the famous Vaci Avenue, we found modern properties between 30 and 130 meters of surface for investment.

The key factors that become to this project in a one of the best investment opportunities are: its perfect location in the financial center, its perspectives of revaluation and its probabilities per rent.

The prices properties in this area are still lower than others Budapest’s areas. However, since many multinational companies in Budapest are establishing themselves here, real estate prices are experiencing a little correction on the rise. Therefore, we are in the best moment for investing in these properties, which still have attractive prices.

Due to our experience of more than 12 years in the estate market in Budapest, we can affirm that the probability about this project will be higher than 5% with a very good demand for long-term rental.

In addition, the area is in constant development and is experimenting revaluations.

Call us now at: 609.156.487 (Spanish number without additional cost for you) and we will provide you with more information without any obligation.

General’s Qualities 

  • Ideal as an investment
  • In the best site in the area
  • Homes between 30m2 and 130m2 (0-4 bedrooms)
  • Avant-garde techniques in energy efficiency

District XIII of Budapest: Healthy job and environment

When the time comes to do an investment in Budapest, is essential that you know the ground that you are treading. On occasion, for a couple of streets make a huge difference in terms of location, but this doesn’t necessarily translate into an adequate price adjustment. These flats in Budapest, with great quality-cost relationship are locating in the best part of the district XIII, in the financial center.

There are close to the historical center of the city. And can be easy to accessed by public transport, car or through the big main avenue Váci Utca.

The adjoining streets to the Atempo Project in Budapest have a necessaries infrastructures and services for a quality life in a cosmopolitan as is Budapest.  This district area has been baptized in a lot of times like a “The city of Budapest” due to the fast growth about Vaci Utca y Dózsa György út avenues, headquarters of big multinationals. This has brought a lot of investment to this area.It’s perfect for professionals whose want settle in Budapest for short or long term in a comfortable environment and newly- built close to their job centers and also close to the city center, where it stand the Atempo project.  

No much further, we could found the Margaret Island and Varösliget Park, where find the famous baths terms Szechenyi, two of the most important places of Budapest.   Besides, the Nyugati station and the shopping mall West End are in this district also. 

Atempo Project in Budapest

This project is unique in this category, in this area. Is built over 2 hectares area strategically located in the Financial Center of Budapest and will be harbor to 700 homes in total. The first step of this project in which we find ourselves currently, consist in two built with 230 homes, that will be finish on the last quarter of 2019.  

This project consists in 6 built with a modern design, distributed in different stairs and height blocks.It has been conceived to offer a high level of comfort to its inhabitants, while respecting the environment.

The Atempo Project has been configured according to the canons of the most avant-garde architecture in Budapest, taking into account the orientation and configuration of the facades, as well as other multiple factors, to create energy-efficient homes with high comfort.One of the stops on line 3 of the Budapest Metro is only a few minutes away walking. 

Ideal for professionals

This project is ideal for professionals, whose are looking a comfortable at time to reconcile their job live with their free time in Budapest. This is possible because the proximity about its business centers. If it were not enough, the built is close by green areas where you could rest, walking or do sport after a long and complicated day of work.  Doesn’t matter if you want stay in the city for a long or short term, anyway this project is a good option for establish your home. 

Ideal for investors

If you are looking for a real estate investment with big revaluation possibilities and good rental yields, the Atempo Project is an outstanding choice.

Atempo is a newly-built project with the most modern technology and located in the area of ​​greater business and commercial development of Budapest, which aims to become one of the neuralgic centers of the city in the coming years.We based in our experience in the rental market for say that the claim of rent in this area is very high, because the area is one of the most popular among families and that of the many professionals, Hungarians and internationals working in the companies of the City of Budapest. 

The Atempo Project represents an investment with good profitability and long-term stability in Budapest. There are already very few homes for sale in phase 1, given the acceptance that the project has had. However, we anticipate that Phase 2 will go on sale this fall 2018. 

Morphology of flats

The kitchens: usually are open with modern inspiration and in a lot of cases are connecting with the living room to give a winder sensation and became in a meeting place, where you could speak with friends or the family.

  • Living room/dining room: the rooms usually are spacious and have a distribution that allows maximum use of natural light.
  • Terrace/ balcony: large and bright. Is ideal for rest moments enjoined about the quiet atmosphere
  • Bedrooms: spacious and bright, due to its front of building have a good position. There are fully furnished with modern sliding door closets. You will have all the space you need.
  • Bathrooms: equipped with the sanitary system that you need.
  • Garage: you could found garages that have direct access to the apartment.

These properties are special by:

  • There are in the best area in the financial district in Budapest.
  • Promoter of proven track record and renowned solvency
  • Easily access with public transport.
  • Services in the adjoining streets.
  • Homes with excellent quality.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Ideal for investors: high rental demand (greater than 5%) + high revaluation forecasts

If you have any question, don’t hesitate contact with us without any obligation (609156487 Spanish phone, free of charge of you)

Photos of the area


Vídeo sobre Atempo Budapest (distrito financiero)


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